Thursday, June 19, 2014

3 College Towns You Can Appreciate

Looking for a college town that has a lot to offer? As the school year comes to a close, you might have a lot to think about in terms of your future education. Use this quick guide to learn more about some of the best college towns in the United States.

There are over three thousand colleges and universities in the United States alone. This gives students plenty of options when it comes to their education, even if they were an average high school student. As long as they adhere to application and financial aid guidelines, they should have no difficulties finding a school that will prepare them for life. There is no right college, so it is important to find a community the student can be comfortable learning in.

This list has three unusual college towns that could make for the perfect new home. Explore these three towns to try and find one that is right for you!

Manhattan, KS

This small city should never be confused with the metropolitan city it shares a name with in New York. Manhattan, KS is located where the Big Blue and Kansas Rivers meet. This creates tranquil scenery and plenty of activities all year round. Nicknamed “the Little Apple” this area’s focus point is the Kansas State University. The city is very prideful and follows the University sports very closely. After class, many students head to Aggieville, which is the area’s nightlife district. You will find a variety of shops, bars and art galleries. The areas around the University are just as vibrant. Gorgeous homes that blend in perfectly with the Kansas scenery are easy to come by.

Logan, UT

Logan is a perfect college town that doesn’t seem to take any preference to one particular school. In the area, students will be able to find Utah State University and Bridgerland Applied Technology College. The area is strongly influenced by religion and traditional values. This has created a quiet but interesting atmosphere the study and live. There are still plenty of entertainment choices, such as the opera, golf course or Logan Canyon. There are several hiking and camping area that take full advantage of the secluded scenery. Inside the town you will be able to find a number of different real estate choices that suit your needs.

Evansville, IN

Evansville is a small city in southern Indiana that is home to a couple universities including the University of Evansville, University of Southern Indiana and Ivy Tech. This quiet area prides itself on offering a safe and nurturing college environment for students. Each University is close to shops and restaurants. Those wanting to venture downtown will be able to find several local restaurants, bars and nightclubs. For those wanting to stay in the area after graduation, the housing market is slightly lower than the national averages, so you can get the larger house for less money.

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