New Zealand & Australia

Theresa has not yet been to New Zealand or Australia. When Theresa gets more information about this location, she will post it on this page.

Here are some great travel tips for traveling to New Zealand and Australia.

-New Zealand has plenty of jobs for travelers who are ready to work. Earn a little extra cash as a farmhand during your stay for a working experience.

-Try to watch for a happy hour or other drink specials while you are on the road. Beer can be very expensive in New Zealand!

-Campsites are a great way to save money if you have the gear. Otherwise, look for dorm-style rooms at local hostiles.

-Use free wi-fi whenever you can. Most libraries will offer the service, otherwise it could cost you if you need to get on at the hotel.

-If available, take the bus. Public transportation can get you close to nearly every New Zealand tourist attraction.

-Abel Tasman National Park has an array of outdoor activities that cost very little. Since visiting attractions can get quite expensive, spend as much time outside as you can!

-Dolphin and whale watching along the many coasts is a popular activity. Best of all, its usually free unless you want a special tour.

-For a once in a lifetime vacation in Australia, spend as much time as you can outdoors. The unique wildlife is usually free to watch.

-Australia adapts many of the European trends, including hostels. If you don't mind the dorm setting, this can be an excellent way to save money on accommodations.

-Day trips and excursions may be less expensive that multi-day ones. If you take time to relax inbetween, you may do less but you will be more energized.

-Drinks in bars can add up quick. Backpackers and trailblazers love boxed wine, which can easily be transported and costs less than a third the price of a night of drinking.

-When money is tight, ask the hostel if they have any chores you can do. Many hostels have plenty of work available.

-Make Uluru a stop on your itinerary. The scenery is nothing short of stunning and the guided tours are quite informative.

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